Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's get started

So, this is Kevin Casler (left) and Cory Smith (right). We both live in Nashville, TN currently. Kevin and myself have been tossing around the idea of starting a music blog for quite some time now. We are both music enthusiasts and see shows frequently. We listen to a ton of different stuff, hence the name, and my music taste varies somewhat greatly from Kevin's. We figured it would be fun for us and hopefully informative to other music lovers if we were to give a heads up regarding stuff that we have seen live or heard recorded that we are digging. We will start out with some recent stuff we have seen or heard and maybe go back a couple months and hit some other stuff that has already happened that we like. So, this is us, passing what we like along to you. We aren't going to talk shit about anybody who is putting out an effort to do what they love. However, you may hear so heated top 40 jabs from me occasionally. Finally, we also love local music, so if you have a band or know someone in one that is kicking ass, but hasn't really been spotlighted yet, send us some tracks and we would be happy to write something.


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  1. This page is dope. Fuck yeah, dudes.