Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Space Capone Album Release Show (11/16/12)

Press play.

We had been hearing about Space Capone for a couple years now. They have been gaining momentum and have been turning up on festival lineups. We saw these guys for the first time earlier in the year at Starry Nights Music Festival near Bowling Green, KY. They played in the middle of the day and we had all been drinking.

I was very excited to see Space for the first time and was thoroughly impressed. We danced our asses off in the sun and it was beautiful.

I was very curious to see how the band would translate into a venue. As we have said before, Mercy Lounge is probably our favorite place to see a show in Nashville. We got there kind of early and were worried that the crowd was going to be small, but people started filing in and there ended up being an impressive turnout. You could tell that there was a buzz about the crowd and that they were ready to dance. Magnolia Sons started off the show and proved to be a solid precursor. Their music wasn't nearly as funky as Space Capone, but they definitely got the crowd dancing. When Space Capone came on, everyone crowded forward and the dancing erupted immediately. Hipsters, hippies, and frat dudes were all breaking it down. The most impressive part of Space Capone is how tight they are. Every single beat is perfect, something that is difficult to do with a 10ish piece band.

Space Capone did not disappoint and delivered a nearly 2 hour long set. I found myself very sweaty by the end.

I felt the need to include this gem of Kevin and his dance partner for the night.


My advice regarding Space Capone is see them live and purchase the album. The album is a funk masterpiece and has some super thick grooves to draw you in. Keep your eye on these guys, my guess is that they will be playing tents at most of the big festivals this summer.

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